Buddy Program

The most unique and rewarding aspect of MIT BrainTrust is our buddy program. This initiative pairs survivors of brain tumors and brain injuries with MIT students, allowing them to share different perspectives in a supportive environment. We host two social events a month to allow students and survivors to interact and get to know one another. This one-to-one pairing of students and survivors builds lasting relationships and creates a supportive community for survivors.

Panels Lectures

To expose our local community to the research, clinical, and patient sides of various neurological conditions, we organize a panel lecture every semester on various disorders. For each panel, we invite a physician, scientific researcher, and a patient to speak about their opinions and perspectives on the topic at hand.

Survivor Panels

Once a year, we host survivor panels during which a few survivors are invited to share their experiences living with a brain injury. The event is open to our survivor members and all members of the MIT community. Those in attendance are welcome to ask the speakers questions about their triumphs and struggles, as well as the ways they find inspiration in their daily lives.

Technology Help Sessions

Technology Help Sessions are hosted roughly every two weeks on the MIT campus. Survivors are welcome to drop by any time during these sessions to receive individual assistance from tech-savvy MIT students. All technology-related questions are welcome, such as how to use cell phones and computers, how to set up an email account, or how to create a personal business card.

MIT Community Events

In order to raise awareness within the MIT community regarding neurological conditions, we host the following events:

  • Undergraduate Neuroscience Symposium for students to present their neuroscience-related research
  • Valentine‚Äôs Day Party fundraiser for One Mind
  • Fundraiser booths for brain injury awareness and brain injury research organizations
  • Brain Awareness Week activities